What is GEPIR GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) is a unique, internet-based service that gives access to basic contact information for companies that are members of GS1. These member companies use GS1’s globally unique numbering system to identify their products, physical locations, or shipments. By simply typing a product bar code number into GEPIR, anyone can find the owner of that barcode’s contact information. Physical location numbers and Shipment numbers can also be used as search criteria. Visit http://gepir.gs1.org to see GEPIR in action. How does GEPIR work?   GEPIR supports many different types of usage. The goal of the example below is to show you the main functions of GEPIR.

  1. Widgets Inc. joins GS1, through its local GS1 Member Organisation and is given a number called a Global Company Prefix (GCP).
  2. The GS1 Member Organisation stores basic contact information for Widgets Inc. and makes this available via GEPIR.
  3. A person finds a product made by Widgets Inc. and is interested to have company contact information. The person types the bar code number of the product into GEPIR.
  4. GEPIR uses the GCP part of the bar code number as the reference to find the correct MO to request the contact information.
  5. The MO that maintains the information uses the GEPIR network to return the contact information about Widgets Inc. to the user
Who uses GEPIR?   GEPIR supports a wide range of different uses. Consumers looking for more contact information than printed on the packaging. Buyers in supermarkets finding contact information when sourcing new products. Application providers confirming who owns a bar code number.   Did you know?
  • GEPIR gives access to contact details for over 1 million companies in over 100 countries.
  • GEPIR is a network that connects data from GS1 Member Organisations who represent GS1 at the country level.
  • GEPIR only gives information about the company who owns the barcode number and the brand under which the product is sold. This company may manufacture their products anywhere in the world.
  • A number of organisations, including GS1 Member Organisations have developed mobile applications on various platforms that interface with the GEPIR network.

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